Psychology of PEOPLE . . . 
Psychology of PEOPLE - 4 Easy Steps
Step 1 ~ CARE
Simple & Easy ~ 10 minutes a week
After you register you will be assigned an ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies at the same time to insure that you get everything you want from the course.  Take 10 minutes, out of the 10,080 minutes we all have, EVERY week and care for your 2 ARRT Buddies.  Care for your 2 ARRT Buddies each week AND then teach them to care for their 2 ARRT Buddies to continue the ARRT RIPPLE.  Complete a 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session ~ click here ~ and have others do one as well.  To learn more about ARRT (Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree): ~ click here 
Step 2 ~ LEARN
Learn . . . how to . . . 
  • CARE:  To achieve the most from the course learn how to care for people we may not initially see the benefit in caring for.
  • Think Differently:  Think Differently through Quantum thinking / learning.
  • Wii-FM: 
  • Discover your Life Vision and live it daily.
  • Connect your Life Vision to helping others achieve their life vision.
Step 3 ~ DO
Help your 2 ARRT Buddies do the same
It also seems too good to be true and too easy to work, but it really is that easy.  We think we will learn more from our ARRT Mentor . . . when in fact we will learn more from helping our 2 ARRT Buddies.
Create An ARRT Ripple
  • 1. Integrity:  Do the right thing all the time.  Struggle to determine that.
  • 2. Knowledge:  Gain the knowledge through hard work & discipline.
  • 3. Do:  Take action . . . RIGHT NOW & help others to do so as well.
  • ​4. CARE:  Seems easy, but is usually really hard.  Start with 10 minutes a week.
It's interesting where people will often, to their own harm, make things hard which are easy and then make things easy which are hard.  DO NOT DO THIS!  This will NOT serve you well!  Find an ARRT Mentor or 2 ARRT Buddies and then get started.  To learn about being an ARRT Mentor or an ARRT Buddy or any of the ROLES in ARRT ~ click here ~.